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Raw In the heat of the night
Black leather dancin' in the moonlight
Streetfight tonight
Scotti Raw's got you in his sights...

-Jamii T. Slutt
"Kickin' n Clawin'" (live)

I need a lover - not another mother
I don't want you to change me
I need a girl who wants to understand
I really like who I am
I'm a Bad Boy

-"Bad Boy"
Music & Lyrics by Ricki Martini

Ricki Martini
Raw Oh you're the talk of the town now
They say you can't be beat
But I'm the best of the best now baby
And you haven't met me

Lyrics by Martini
Music by Raw, Martini, & Black

I'm psychotic, neurotic, a maniac
I'm a clepto, baby, when yer on your back
I'll steal your love, give you a heart attack
'Cuz I'm a Toxic Doll and I ain't comin' back.

-"Mr. Sleaze"
Music & Lyrics by Martini


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