Jamii T Slutt - Vocals

                Jamii T


HEIGHT 5' 11"
WEIGHT 145 lbs
FAVE INSTRUMENT Frank Sinatra's Pipes
EXPERIENCE(YRS.) I guess since birth
PREVIOUS BANDS None worth mentioning
HOW I BECAME A DOLL In the previous band I was in, the Dollz came and heckled the shit out of us at a gig. They thought we sucked. Anyway, a week or two later I'm sitting on the curb in front of this shit-hole place I lived and this van pulls up. It was the Dollz. They'd been looking for me ever since that show. They said " You wanna make a record?" I said "sure". The very first note I sang as a Doll was about an hour later and it went right to tape. The song was Shotgun Love. They knew I was the shit!
FAVE DOLLZ SONG Kickin'-n-Clawin'
FAVE NON-DOLLZ SONG Too Young to Fall in Love-Motley Crue
FAVE BEVERAGE - I like my coffee like I like my women...Hot and Black.
WIERDEST SEX EVER Me and three Bi chicks. Use your imagination.
TURN-ONS Lauren Perfume, Naked Women, Ricki and Scotti's Wives, Candles, Loud Music, Pam Anderson, girls willing to shave their crotch into a "T" for my website, Courtney Love, Naked Women, Money, Microsoft, High Yield Bond Funds, vampire movies, Skank Ho's, Naked Women, JVG, Film Making, Intelligence, Sable, The Dollz, Pretty Lesbians, Naked Women, Garter & Stockings, Breast Implants, 9 1/2 Weeks, Me, "Snakes-Fire-and Chicks-Gettin'-It-On", Showering with Rich, and Oh Yeah!....Naked Women.
TURN-OFFS Short Term Government Bond Funds(the yields are too low), Dumb People, An Inverted Yield Curve, Inflation, Liberals Like Ricki, Scotti whining about AOL's monopolistic grasp on the internet (and now, cable lines), Hollywood Hogan, The Ministry Of Darkness, The Sound of Stormy's Teeth Grinding, Van Halen Without Roth, L.A. Guns without Phil, Limited Partnerships(Illiquidity), High P/E Ratios, Ugly Lesbians, Panty Hose, Zamfir and His Fuckin Pan Flute, Boring Sequels, The "Mustache Bitch"(she made Ricki's life Hell), Prostate Exams by male Doctors, and Getting my Scrotum Stuck in my Zipper.
WHY I AM A DOLL Because I have a split personality like the rest of them. To be a true Doll you have to be able to be a complete Scumbag/Party Animal, but still be able to be a professional, nail down the business deal, be a loyal friend, and take care of your children.


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