The Dollz

Ricki Martini
Ricki Martini

"Ricki Time"

Founding father of the band. Moses with two-tone hair. Pounding jungle drums from hell - not bad with lyrics, either. If you see him passed out at a party, please refrain from duct-taping him to anything.
Scotti Raw

"Mister Scotti Fuckin' Raw"

Grinding, raunchy rhythms and in-yer-face leads. The things Raw does to a guitar are illegal in some states. An original Doll. Takes Ricki's ideas and puts them in key. Ask him about the time he strapped on the crotch rocket. Never let him drive your Z-car. Ever.
Scotti Raw
Jamii T
Jamii T Slutt

"Jamii T."

The T stands for "The". The chaps. The ass. The swagger. The vocal improvisation. We found him in a gutter and asked him if he wanted to record an album. He said "Sure." The rest is history.
S.S. Teezer

"Otis" for sodas! The final addition and the bottom end. The bass that'll shake yer 'nads loose. No one really knows what S.S. stands for. Call him if yer house is on fire.
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