The Crew

This page is for the crazy fuckers who have put up with our shit.
There are many more than are shown here, and they all fucking rule!
Hats off to you guys.   Pants too.

"No, I'm NOT in f**king G'N'R"

The backbone of the crew. Also the mouth, left foot, and spleen. Indispensable, kinda like a swiss army knife - but hairier. Try not to let him play with flammable or explosive chemicals.
Fireman Bill
"Fireman" Bill

The kingpin of all Ren & Stimpy freaks. The crew clown. His amazingly vast repertoire of Ren & Stimpy voices is overshadowed only by his uncanny knack for irritating the shit out of Ricki. Like a giant, talking hemmorhoid. With big eyebrows.
Scott "The Weasel"
"Hello, Information? Where the hell is my flashlight?"

The Weasel. Whatta guy. One of Raw's guitar techs (he went through many), Mr. Weasel is also the Patron Saint of Handicapped Women. Gee, Scott, what is the hardest part of a vegetable to eat?
The Weasel
"Where'z Hank?"

The most elusive crew-member, also the least likely to actually do anything more strenuous than lifting a 40 oz. This hair-farmer avoids cameras like the plague. The picture at left was produced by a police sketch artist. As you can see, he is slightly heavier than Raw, and has very large feet. If you see him, grab him. He owes Dave twenty bucks.

Named for his role in a game affectionately known as "Butt Darts". Actually a talented bass player, we subjected him to an impressive array of cruel and demeaning circumstances. Ask him about the time we made him stand in a puddle and play with electric stuff.

What happens when you cross a toxic roadie with the U.S. Marine Corps? Scruffy! Banged our gear, danced with Saddam, then banged our gear again. Builds Harleys, too.
Jerry the Soundguy
"Please call"

The Stevie Wonder of soundguys(see picture). Hates ketchup and onions on omelets. Unconfirmed sightings at DisneyWorld. We're thinkin' about calling Unsolved Mysteries. Or America's Most Wanted.

Rest in Peace Brother April 06, 1965 - May 26, 2016
"Dave, I got kicked out..."

Another freedom-fighting roadie - spent the Gulf War on a warship that was visited by aliens. When he came back, he tried humping our gear. Silly aliens....

Hands-down best storyteller. Best stories. Cool tats and j card artwork. Will eat bugs for money. Picture at left documents one of the rare instances when he wore underwear.
"Deano Suave"

Scruff's big brother. There aren't enough o's in smooth to describe this love machine. Too bad we can't say the same about his gear handling abilities. (Hehe - just kidding, Deano)
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