Running From The Law
1. Gunslinger
2. Mr. Sleaze
3. Dyin' Without You
4. Bad Boy
5. Gator Tune
6. Turn Me On
7. Tunnel O' Luv
8. What U See (Is What You Get)
9. Gunboy
10. Kickin' n Clawin'
11. Sweet Talkin' Woman
12. Fallin' Star 

Live Recordings from '96 Bob Gosh
Memorial Show at T.A. Verns
Free For All
Dyin' Without You
Livin' On The Run

1. Livin' on the Run
2. Run And Hide
3. SEX
4. Alright Alnight


What U See
What U See Video

Live Sex
1. Intro
2. Mr. Sleaze
3. Bad Boy
4. Flyin' Free
5. Kickin' n Clawin'
6. 'lectric Touch
7. Drum Solo
8. Tunnel O' Luv

Misc. Other Recordings
Cold Gin (Tribute to Kiss - Live)
Kickin' n Clawin' (Lazer / T.A. Vern's Compilation - Live)
Shotgun Love (Floor Nickel Demo Version)
Wasted (Tribute to Def Leppard)
Ready to Move
Into the Night
Do It for Free
Shotgun Love




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